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Mumbai – The Movement studio – Studio Manager

The Movement Studio is a family run studio and spa located in the bustling Bandra neighborhood of Mumbai. The studio has two parts to its ecosystem – Movement Sanctuary and Liquid Sanctuary, which are two unique businesses that run under the same umbrella.

Movement Sanctuary is a membership-based yoga and fitness studio that offers all types of yoga classes with highly-trained and qualified instructors. In addition to yoga, we offer other types of classes including Functional Movement, Pole Fitness, and a variety of unique workshops from international and local teachers. Our space is all about community, and we’re looking to hire someone that will help us build this wellness community.

Liquid Sanctuary is Mumbai’s premier floatation therapy spa. What is floatation therapy, you ask? Floatation Therapy, also referred to simply as floating, involves floating in a pool filled with 12 inches of water that is super-infused with Epsom salt. Floating is a unique practice that has scientifically been proven to reduce stress and physical pain, alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and aid the body in healing. Floating is also a great therapy for your skin and also helps in detoxing.

The Studio and Spa Manager will be responsible for all daily activities and operations of both Movement and Liquid Sanctuary. This involves taking reservations, managing students and clientele, maintaining student and client records in the software, taking payments, managing housekeeping staff, and helping with digital marketing, including some social media and email campaigns. This role is ideal for those who are interested in the fitness and wellness space and can interact with a high-level of clientele. This is a full-time role and we’re looking for committed, hardworking, and professional individuals who are proficient in both English and Hindi. Perks included are lots of yoga and free floatation sessions every month! Only apply if you’re serious and show up on time! No Indian Standard Time ☺

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Phone: +919820195737
Email: movementsanctuary.bandra@gmail.com