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Part-time position (Dubai/Abu Dhabi, AE)

WANTED: UAE project based paid part-time role for 6 months. Approx. 10h/ week.

Can be based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Driver’s license as well as car required. Gas will be expensed.

We are hiring for a new UAE wide project we are launching in January. You will be responsible for organising two weekly fitness classes – of which one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi with our 140 + partner studios.

This entails:

  • reaching out to studios to organise and schedule classes in a timely manner. all classes should be finalised 2 weeks prior.
  • being present at the classes with our branded yoga mats, organise sign-up process, welcome members and effectively run the show
  • social media, i.e. create IG stories and content we can use on our accounts after
  • work closely with the local team to update them on sign-ups so we can market classes with low attendance through EDM, Social Media, in-app notifications

You should be extremely organised, able to work under pressure, self-driven and able to work in a very lean team

You will get start-up experience, an insight into our social media strategy, build your own network of fitness contacts, full flexibility – you can organise these weekly classes so they fit YOUR schedule and work at your own pace, a free GuavaPass membership (obviously!) and lots of new friends – we promise!

If this is you, please send your video application to middleeast@guavapass.com, tell us about your self and make sure to share your top tip on how to stay organised!

Applications close Jan 10th 2018.